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2016 activities 2-Week session

First Daily

Drawing & Painting (8-12) Erin

Use familiar materials, such as pencil, ink, charcoal and paint, in new and creative ways. This Daily strengthens observational skills by doing a variety of activities that focus on drawing and painting from life, both inside and outside the classroom.

Fashion Design (8-12) Jamila

Style is part of who you are! Enter the world where style, imagination and art meet. There will be an introduction to fabrics, including folds and drapes, as well as textures, colors and patterns. We’ll design and illustrate our own garments and experiment with some basic sewing too.

Passport to Shakespeare (8-12) Kerry

Comedy! Tragedy! History! The Plays No One Does Often! William Shakespeare wrote many different types of plays, and people still love them centuries later. We’ll explore the many sides of Shakespeare and explore his plays through performance, video, writing and drawing.

Improvisation (8-12) Matt

Learn the basics of creating theater in the moment, and explore a world of unscripted playtime. Try out characters, imagine environments and work with fellow campers to improvise scenes! Best for campers new to improvisation.

Musical Theater (8-12) Mary Kate

Having dreams of the Great White Way? Get a taste of becoming that “triple threat” as we explore what it takes to become a musical theater performer and how we all have something to offer for a really great production. Together, we’ll defy gravity!

Disney Favorites (8-12) Jonathan

Is Disney music a Part of Your World? Is singing important in your Circle of Life? Be Our Guest and join this Daily in which you learn more about singing the music you know and love! We’ll work in groups small and large on songs from Disney musicals past and present, and bring Honor To Us All!

Writer’s Journal (8-12) Jonelle

Keeping a journal isn’t just fun; it helps us exercise our writing muscles and find our voice. Through guided free writing and crafting exercises, you will learn the sound of your writer’s voice and what most inspires you. Add to your journal throughout the session and leave camp with a book full of inspiration.

Pick-Up Sports (8-12) Medha

Get outside, run around and play some sports! Be part of a team, playing games like soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, wiffle ball, volleyball, kickball and Capture the Flag. The focus here is teamwork, not competition. All are welcome.

Yoga & Conditioning (8-15) Laura

S-T-R-E-T-C-H! Ease into and then activate your camp day in our sunlit studio. Use yoga poses, stretches and core work to prepare your mind and body to make your best art throughout the day.

Strings (8-15) Juan

Bring your viola, violin, guitar, cello, bass or other stringed instrument! In our first strictly string ensemble we’ll play all varieties of music, including modern hits and original compositions. This Daily includes group lessons where we will learn technique and learn how to be better string players. You may even get to try your hand at conducting!

Photography & Photoshop (12-15) Liz

Ever wanted to capture precisely what you see through your eyes or even your imagination? If so, digital photography is an exciting and wonderful medium! Enhance or to add to your photography skills and then manipulate images in Photoshop as you show us how you see the world.

Mixed Media (12-15) Alli

The room is your studio and the supplies are spread out. Learn a variety of visual arts techniques that don’t usually appear in your standard art class.

Newscast (12-15)

Washington is the news capital of the nation. Learn what it takes to be a nightly news anchor or reporter. Film, produce and edit news packages as you try being behind and in front of the camera.

Devised Theater (12-15)

Instead of starting with a script, devised theater starts with the actors in the room and their ideas. Learn how to create evocative, ensemble performance pieces using movement, poetry and personal writing. Arena Stage is nationally and internationally renowned for its devised work with middle and high school artists.

Scene Study (12-15) Alex

You’ve got the part! Work with your fellow actors to play a variety of dramatic and comic parts in scenes from famous plays. Learn about teamwork and the techniques that top actors use to transform into different characters. Find authenticity and meaning connections with your scene partners on stage.

Hip-Hop Dance (12-15) Nurney

Learn the latest moves from this cutting edge hip-hop class that will work your body from head to toe. Each class consists of three sections: a warm-up, an across the floor combination and a dance routine. Learn about hip-hop culture, feel the beat and, most importantly, have fun!

Poetry & Spoken Word (12-15) Alina

Everyone is a poet! Grab your pen, paper and mic. Learn how to use your words to tell stories and share your experiences in verse, free form, song, rap - the possibilities of poetry are limitless. You’ll explore new techniques to improve your craft and use your voice to let your words shine off the page.